Labmobile: on the road in Northern Uganda

Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement and surrounding communities in northern Uganda face many problems, two of which GIG and Platform Africa proposed a project that seeks to address: Youth unemployment and lack of media literacy. With a youth unemployment rate of almost 70% and a high […]

#BorgaLife: Our Innovators and Migration project is coming to a close

Over the course of the past six months we implemented our project “Young Innovators: Using Digital Media to inform about Regular and Irregular Migration Issues”. Together with our partner organisations Kumasi Hive, Impact Hub Accra and Wikimedia Ghana User Group and with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, we aimed at improving […]

i4Policy Task Force Meeting

After the convention of hubs organized last year by i4Policy, during which innovation community leaders from across Africa co-created the Africa Innovation Policy Manifesto, the first meeting of the Africa Innovation Policy Task Force took place at Impact Hub Kigali in Rwanda.  i4Policy is a pan-African movement gathering over 140 Innovation Hubs from 43 African […]

Meeting your neighborhood friends, activists and makers – open:fora at r0g Agency

Together with Open Source Ecology Germany e.V., and with the support of the Guerrilla Foundation and GIGgers in Berlin we from r0g Agency held our first open:fora ‘street meet’ … a rather spontaneous artistic and cultural action intended to complement the week of re:publica. At a time where we felt that cultural activism and open […]

Calculative Making: The Fear of Failure in Kenya’s Makerspaces

When I first entered a makerspace in Nairobi in 2016, I was surprised that most people were sitting in front of their computers. My imagination of a messy makerspace where everyone tinkers with 3D printers and materials to build clumsy prototypes was disenchanted. A makerspace is a collaborative workshop equipped with tools and machines to […]

Digital, transparent and self-determined: development cooperation can do more

An outdated self-understanding prevents Europe from working with developing countries towards a common digital future. Europe, the fortress that everyone wants to storm. A Europe whose values and economy must be protected against immigrants from Africa and other parts of the world. This is the rhetoric that the leading development politicians are applying in Germany […]

Emancipation through Technology in Africa 4.0

Geraldine de Bastion, radio interview Africa produces an amazing number of technical developments and applications for technical developments, according to Geraldine de Bastion, curator of re:publica and founder of the NGO Global Innovation Gathering. For the Arte documentation ” ‘Digital Africa‘, she reports in a cross-media project on mobile payment in the countryside, drones to monitor the harvest, 3D […]

GIG @ re:publica Accra 2018

re:publica Accra, the very first re:publica conference held in Africa, took place on 14-15th December 2018 at the Trade Centre in Accra, Ghana and was attended by over 2000 people from 32 countries. 1st @republica in Africa was a blast. More than 2000 attendees came to Ghana to debate the rising digital society. 274 spokesperson, […]

African born 3D printing in Greece

For the past few weeks our [AB3D Kenya] team was in Athens, Greece working with MIT’s d-lab and a local NGO Faros as we trained unaccompanied refugee minors to build their capacity through teaching them relevant hands-on and digital skills.

GreenFingers Mobile digitizes farming

Hi all! We provide access to market and finance for smallholder farmers through a digital solution that replaces pen and paper farmer management systems. Shifting from Paper to Digital GreenFingers Mobile is a mobile first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform, to manage and finance large groups of smallholder farmers. Developed by a team of agricultural value […]