Geraldine de Bastion, radio interview

Africa produces an amazing number of technical developments and applications for technical developments, according to Geraldine de Bastion, curator of re:publica and founder of the NGO Global Innovation Gathering. For the Arte documentation ” ‘Digital Africa‘, she reports in a cross-media project on mobile payment in the countryside, drones to monitor the harvest, 3D printers that supply spare parts and traffic control robots. According to de Bastion, many young people in African countries took the opportunity to innovate so that they no longer have to be petitioners in their own countries.

Jan 25, 2019 – SWR2, Geraldine de Bastion: Emanzipation durch Technik im Afrika 4.0 | [Engl: Emancipation through technology, Africa 4.0] | Download audio (4,43 MB | mp3 | German)


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