Last April Procomum Institute launched the new edition of the A Colaboradora (The Collaborator) programme. The Collaborator is a collaborative platform that brings together a collective work environment and a free school. Created by the Procomum Institute, it is inspired by the project “La Colaboradora”, a program of the social innovation ecosystem Zaragoza Activa, in Spain.

During the process, 25 young social entrepreneurs who carry out projects in the creative sectors, such as visual arts, music, theater, dance, circus, opera, publishing, literature, audiovisual, design, fashion, gastronomy, architecture, software, games, handicrafts, festivals, museums , libraries and the integrated arts, were selected, focusing especially on women, lgbtqi, indigenous people and Afro-Brazilians.

The group will be with Procomum for one year, working through a mixed methodology of education, incubation and exchange programs. In 2019 the project is being realized in partnership with three British organizations: Haarlem Artspace, Junction Arts and Advantage Creative and has support from the British Council.

Now the mini-documentation about the first edition of the Colaboradora program, which was held in 2018 is online! This edition was focused on artists and cultural producers and will be having its continuation in the second semester of 2019 as well.

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