Between 11-13 May 2020 HONF Foundation, CAST Foundation, Social-Digital Innovation and Ke:Kini organized an online grassroots hackathon for Indonesia. GIG wasn’t only represented by Regina (SDI) and Ira (HONF), Saad came on board as a mentor and Ricardo as an evaluator to help us activate citizens’ zest for action and creativity and form interdisciplinary teams of artists, makers, hackers, designers, scientists and practitioners who had never met before.

We worked with them to develop locally relevant open source hardware solutions during the covid-19 pandemic, and help us develop a better future in the form of culture hacks and next steps towards a sustainable, circular economy. Projects that the participants came up with included an affordable UV-C light box to disinfect clothes in hospitals, wearable tech alerting when others come too close, a community alarm system, a kids’ hat that buzzes when its wearer is about to touch their face, a VR exhibition app and many more.

To follow up, teams received seed funding for their prototypes and we are now looking into supporting them with a workshop on Creative Commons, as well as helping them develop their pitches and starting crowdfunding campaigns.

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