In May of this year, Olabi held the second edition of “Aprenda com uma avó”. The project was created in 2020 to be exclusively face-to-face, but its activities were adapted to a 100% digital environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a proposal for people over 60 to offer classes on varied knowledge to a wide audience. The idea is to build a space that connects older people who want to transmit knowledge through digital tools in online classes, promoting a meeting of different generations, valuing the knowledge accumulated in our society, and bringing a reflection about the aging of the population.

In the process of assembling their content, the seniors learn more about new technologies, expanding their digital literacy. To deal with this matter, the project was divided into two stages: the first is digital training for the elderly, which provides classes on several digital tools, such as Zoom, presentation techniques, narrative and social networks, taught by selected monitors in a public call. After 6 weeks of training, they prepare their courses and start the classes, which are open to the public and have engaged a wide and diverse audience. The 2021 edition includes people from all regions of Brazil, expanding the exchange between the different cultures of a country with continental dimensions and extremely unequal.

In last year’s edition, more than 500 people participated in 15 workshops available for free at pre-scheduled meetings at Zoom. This year the project will offer 25 workshops. In addition to the welcoming and affection network, the project proves to be an important vehicle for digital literacy, generating autonomy and protagonism, teaching how to use various internet tools. In times when handling these tools expands the power of citizenship, it seems necessary to investigate how to improve this process and reach more people.

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