Africa Lawyers Hub is a non-profit organization that aims to empower African lawyers to drive positive change in their communities. The organization was founded in 2020 to connect lawyers across Africa and provide them with the resources and support they need to make a meaningful impact in their countries.

One of the critical ways Africa Lawyers Hub achieves this goal is through its mentorship program. The program matches experienced lawyers with young professionals just starting their careers. The mentors provide guidance and support to the mentees, helping them to navigate the legal profession and to develop the skills they need to be successful.

In addition to the mentorship program, Africa Lawyers Hub provides various other resources to its members. These include access to legal training, continuing education opportunities, and a network of legal professionals who can provide support and advice. The organization also hosts events and workshops to bring its members together and to provide them with opportunities to learn from one another.

Africa Lawyers Hub’s access to justice program is another important initiative of the organization. The program aims to promote access to justice for marginalized communities in Africa. The organization works to ensure that marginalized communities have access to legal services and to support lawyers working to advocate for these communities. It is critical in Africa, where many marginalized communities face significant barriers to accessing justice.

These two projects are just a few examples of the critical work that Africa Lawyers Hub is doing to empower African lawyers and promote access to justice in Africa. Through its mentorship program and access to justice program, Africa Lawyers Hub is making a positive impact in the legal profession in Africa and helping to drive positive change in African communities. If you’re an African lawyer interested in supporting legal work in Africa, check out Africa Lawyers Hub and get involved with the organization. Visit to get involved! And you can contact GIG Member Bonyo Linda if you want to support or learn more.


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