Gosanitize! Go Girls ICT (South Sudan)’s response to Covid 19

South Sudan is a country that depends entirely on imports from its neighboring countries and during the pandemic, products such as hand sanitizers became more expensive as their demand was high and not affordable to the common person in the community. GoGirls inspiration to research and come up with a hand sanitizer called Gosanitize from […]

MboaLab inaugurates its “Bio Innovation Hub”

MboaLab committed to educating, transforming and positively impacting the lives of the Cameroonian people through its DIY lab. Last February, Mboalab, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, inaugurated its “Bio-Innovation Hub”. This Hub is a shared biotechnology laboratory made available to researchers and students and is already undoubtedly contributing to the democratisation of biotechnology in […]

Climate Lab in Science Camp Iraq

Science Camp is a well-known on-field player on job-oriented technological education for social innovation in the city of Basra, at the banks of Shatt al-Arab in southern Iraq. Moreover, Science Camp plays a significant role in the region by proposing methods and products intrinsically connected to the SDGs.  The ever-greater effect of climate change in the region pressures […]

GIG presents a Masterclass at Innovate2030 Bootcamp

We are excited to announce that Geraldine de Bastion, a GIG member and co-founder, will present a Masterclass about GIG at the Innovate2030 Bootcamp on March 10th, in a day full of profound insights, learnings from the best, and crucial interactions moments.  Innovate2030 Bootcamp is the space where stakeholders, challenge-providers, collaborating partners and the Bootcamp´s […]

LAB Procomum: Creating a citizen innovation Lab to promote the commons

LAB Procomum is a citizen innovation laboratory maintained by Instituto Procomum since 2017 in Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil. In partnership with Bela Baderna the Lab produced a short video capturing some of the core projects and stories. Find out what it’s like to build a citizen innovation laboratory dedicated to the promotion of commons, […]

Edukits: Merging 3D Printing and Education

‘Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world’ — Nelson Mandela The Bridge the Gap training program is an ongoing initiative that was started by Kumasi Hive in partnership with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Innovation Factory and e- skills for Girls. The Bridge the Gap program addresses the issue of the gender gap in […]

African born 3D printing in Greece

For the past few weeks our [AB3D Kenya] team was in Athens, Greece working with MIT’s d-lab and a local NGO Faros as we trained unaccompanied refugee minors to build their capacity through teaching them relevant hands-on and digital skills.

Nave à Vela, Brazil

In 2014, in order to find a sustainable business model for their Innovation Center in the favela Vila Nova Esperança, Caos Focado started a course to teach Social Innovation with a part of the revenues going towards keeping the center running. After the adoption of some schools with this Course, we realized a huge demand to […]