Please give is your feedback on the draft principles to guide Humanitarian Makers in their work:…/HM-Principles-Action-Requested

Over the past several months, Humanitarian Makers have been developing 8 principles to guide humanitarian making. The process has been to move forward a draft created at the Fab12 conference, to integrate reputable humanitarian and industry principles into the draft and then to invite input from humanitarians and makers to further refine the draft. Now we are opening up the discussion with the wider humanitarian making ecosystem and invite GIG members and friends to contribute.

Please provide feedback on the principles and/or share principles that guide your efforts by the 19th October. Be honest and direct as it is our hope that these principles will be a relevant resource for people around the world engaged in humanitarian making.

Also, if you have examples of statements of principles that you think would be relevant to our work, please include them in your submission too!!

Link to the humanitarian makers principles feedback form.


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