‘Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world’ — Nelson Mandela

The Bridge the Gap training program is an ongoing initiative that was started by Kumasi Hive in partnership with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)Innovation Factory and e- skills for Girls. The Bridge the Gap program addresses the issue of the gender gap in the technology space.

The program trained 60 girls in web development and 3D printing in the first phase, which lasted for one month. We are currently implementing the second phase of the program: the business incubation and internship phase. In this cycle, 10 selected teams are being introduced to global perspectives on leadership and entrepreneurship, the world of business and design, issues that may arise in terms of user experience and how to resolve such problems. They have been provided with the tools and a makerspace where these teams are designing and building prototypes of their products.

This week, we are focusing on one of the teams, Edukits, that has the potential to improve the quality of education by providing 3D-printed learning kits to Junior High School pupils.

There are quite a number of challenges that continue to reduce the effective delivery of education in Ghana. The government and other stakeholders have initiated policies and developmental programs aimed at increasing access and improving the quality of education, yet much still needs to be done. Even with the existence of these policies and the emergence of developmental programs, challenges such as poor infrastructure, unqualified teachers, underpaid teachers, poor government monitoring systems and usage of theory-based curricula that churn out students deemed unfit for the corporate world still persist.

It is argued that graduates who have been through the education system occasionally admit that it did not prepare them for what they end up doing later on in life. As a society, we desire that our socio-economic development be progressive, which means that the content of the curricula used in our schools must be improved. The need for curricula that is wholesome — stimulating and nurturing of the creativity and problem-solving skills of students — cannot be downplayed.

Providing the right tools and resources that make teaching and learning practical is essential to ensuring that students are able to relate what happens in the classroom to what also happens outside of the classroom.

Edukits has realized this drawback in the educational system where students often find it difficult to understand what is taught in the classroom. Students are unable to build up on skills and knowledge that they learn in their lower levels of education. This is mainly due to the unavailability of curriculum relevant learning kits that will make concepts interactive and easier to grasp.

The Solution

Edukits envisions teaching and learning of science as one that is practical and relatable. It aims at providing science ‘learning kits’ that makes learning interactive and fun.

How the Kit Works

The kit will contain 3D printed parts of biological systems including the skeletal system, the digestive system and the nervous system. With these kits, students will be able to assemble and disassemble these parts that will not only help them recall names of the various organs but will also help them appreciate the functions of these organs in the human body.

The impact

Though the main aim of Edukits is to be able to reach every child on the African continent, if this project is successfully completed, Edukits is looking to impact 6,000 pupils in 20 communities in both the Central and Greater Accra regions, in 6 years.

The Team
Mercy Nana Ekua Korkor Essel — Esi Appiaa Botchwey — Evelyn Amponfi

The necessity of social impact to reducing poverty and adding value to lives of people is the fire that drives Edukits to do the work they do. We will share the journey of Edukits as they lead change and provide learning kits to 6,000 pupils in 20 communities.

Originally published by Kumasi Hive. You can follow them on twitterfacebook and instagram.


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