We are excited to launch the Critical Making Mentoring Programme coming up this spring. Here is a sneak peak of what is to be expected!

The Mentoring Programme will take place during 2022, requiring only a few hours of active participation per month. Further details will be announced soon!

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Update: The mentoring programme is open until the 31st of May. Click here for more details and to apply

About Critical Making:
Critical Making is a partnership to encourage responsible research & innovation to foster open access, inclusiveness and positive change across the global maker community.

Together, we add scientific insights into the potential of the maker movement, and set up activities that focus on critical and socially responsible making. We aim to show how these communities can offer new opportunities for young makers of all genders to contribute to an open society via open source innovation.

Partners: ZSI, Global Innovation Gathering, VTT, TU Berlin, Wikifactory
The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006285.

What is the Critical Making Mentoring Programme about?
In the Critical Making Mentoring Programme, we encourage innovation which at its core is open, local and connected, socially responsible, reflexive, impactful, meaningful, aesthetic – above all, fun! The programme will be open for people working in three different areas of innovation:

The mentoring workshops are designed around five distinct themes, each of which increases understanding of different questions around sustainability and openness. The themes are:

Each of these themes will have a different mentor with expertise on the topic, and you will get to hear their talks and have discussions with them.

In the programme you will:

You should apply if you are…

… and if you want:

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