We are inviting makers & innovators globally to take part in the journey toward shaping a sustainable future of making. 

Critical Making mentoring programme takes a deep dive into its principles: 

  • Make Things That Make Sense: Create products and solutions that solve fundamental, real-world problems. 
  • Share How You Make: Develop guidelines that provide a framework for openly documenting everything about the project’s making.
  •  Include Ecosystem Services: Aim to give back more than you take from the environment and include accounting practices that value natural resources. 
  • Integrate Local Knowledge: Build from within the community by working with local methods, materials and traditional resources. 
  • Build for Continuity: Design for the present and future; build social capacity, & aim for financial self-sufficiency. 

Powering Inclusion and Openness.

Critical Making adds scientific insights into the potential of the maker movement. Socially responsible making can show how global maker communities can offer new opportunities. Opportunities for young talents of all genders to contribute to an open society via open source innovation.

You can learn more about Critical Making in the video below, where Sandra Mamitzsch presents the project’s aims and tools and showcase the selected prototypes to the Critical Making Mentoring Programme. The Mentoring Programme encourage responsible research & innovation to foster open access, inclusiveness and positive change across the global maker community.

A sensible way of making

Saad Chinoy is a well-known professional-coffee-geek maker, and one of the Global Innovation Gathering members loved by everyone. He has an extended curriculum of coworking experiences in many places, like Germany, Panama, India, Indonesia and Singapore, where he established residency years ago. 

In the first Critical Making Mentoring Programme session, Saad presented his brilliant work as a maker. A maker who is making things that, at the same time, are sensible and make so much sense! Enjoy his session:

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