Every year, the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) in Berlin becomes a focal point for global innovators, thinkers, and creators. Since its inception at the re:publica conference in 2013, GIG has become an essential annual event for those involved in Global South innovation, open source technologies, and community building.

The Concept and Evolution of GIG

The GIG, which typically coincides with the re:publica conference dates each year in Berlin, was not initially planned to be an annual event; However, the overwhelming response from the initial participants turned it into a yearly occurrence. Over the years, GIG has seen a wide range of activities, including insightful talks, workshops, and hands-on sessions in makerspaces, designed to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas across cultures and disciplines. 

How It Happens

This multi-day event, taking place in the dynamic city of Berlin, features a series of workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities. It’s a unique opportunity for the GIG family to come together in person, fostering connections and sharing innovative ideas that push the boundaries of social and technological advancement. GIG is committed to diversity in technology and global innovation, supporting open and sustainable solutions vital for tackling complex global challenges.

Final Thoughts

As we gear up for GIGweek24, set to explore “The Power of Networks,” keep an eye out for the upcoming article diving deeper into this year’s gathering details. GIG is a testament to the power of collective intelligence and the transformative impact of open, inclusive knowledge sharing. For those eager to learn more or get involved in shaping the future through critical innovation, visit the GIGweek24 event page.

We look forward to your participation and contributions as we continue to inspire and lead change together.


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