In GIG, we say many things; we talk about innovation, technology co-creation, and much more. Sometimes, we even invent our own words! As someone might say, we’re often “GIGing it,” managing to do something despite the difficulties one might face in the process (because we are a part of GIG).

As we grow as a team and a network, many times people who join our community are lost with all these vocabularies that are new and unfamiliar to them. What are “open-source technologies”? What do we mean by “digital innovation” or “active citizenship”?

All these questions have led to an idea being born: the creation of our very own, personalized dictionary called “GIGctionary”. What better way for someone to understand our network and what we do than by having a handbook they can refer to when needed?!

So, we invite you all to co-create this GIGctionary together because who is more familiar with what GIG does than its own members?! Below, you will find a form to add all your suggested words with our definitions and help make this unique tool available for everyone to learn and share.

Com’on let’s get GIGin’ !


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