MboaLab inaugurates its “Bio Innovation Hub”

MboaLab committed to educating, transforming and positively impacting the lives of the Cameroonian people through its DIY lab. Last February, Mboalab, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, inaugurated its “Bio-Innovation Hub”. This Hub is a shared biotechnology laboratory made available to researchers and students and is already undoubtedly contributing to the democratisation of biotechnology in […]

Makerspaces for a sustainable development

Mboa Lab’s Critical Making efforts in Cameroon Cameroon’s MboaLab is teaching useful critical making skills with the aim of promoting women’s self worth, their ability to determine their own choices and the right to influence social change for themselves and others as well as to remove gender bias through critical making . MboaLab is an […]

Gosanitize! Go Girls ICT (South Sudan)’s response to Covid 19

South Sudan is a country that depends entirely on imports from its neighboring countries and during the pandemic, products such as hand sanitizers became more expensive as their demand was high and not affordable to the common person in the community. GoGirls inspiration to research and come up with a hand sanitizer called Gosanitize from […]

Africa Hardware and Open Science Summit 2020

Focusing on DIYBio & Sustainability in 2020 Africa OSH Summit 2020 will be held in Yaounde, Cameroon, from 14 to 16 May 2020, under the theme ‘Growing the Do-It-Yourself & Do-It-Together (DIY/DIT) Culture for Community Transformation’. It will be hosted by Mboa Lab. The summit will host workshops, discussions and conferences on making, hacking and DIYBio for […]

What’s Next: Outcomes from DOTS. The Impact Summit

At DOTS. The Impact Summit that took place in Nakuru, Kenya from December 5-7, we used the power of a gathering to co-create and kick off long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities. Here come some of the outcomes: Data Sensitivity (with Tactical Tech) Tactical Tech is an international NGO […]

Open Science for Peacebuilding

Open science offers the means to develop and build tools to help us overcome conflicts (e.g. water sensors in dry regions and seasons). Open science and data literacy equip us to critically think about the root causes of and potential solutions for conflicts. And finally, open science can serve as a vehicle of peace-building in […]

An Update on ‘Reimagine Open’

Several GIG members supported Mozilla‘s Reimagine Open project by hosting Focus Groups in their hubs. Reposted from Mozilla: https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog/update-reimagining-open/ In March 2019, Mozilla started its projectReimagine Open to revisit the ways Mozilla practices open to imagine better futures for our digital lives. In the following months, over 20,000 people from around 160 countries answered Mozilla’s survey and four […]

The Digital Naturalism Conference – DINACON

DINACON is an experimental conference about exploring new ways of interacting with nature! It runs from August 4 to August 30, 2019, Gamboa, Panama and people come in and out for days or weeks at a time. Our first self-funded, free-form gathering in Thailand last year was so fun and fruitful, we are doing it again! For […]