Citizen-led data journalism from Brazil’s favelas fills historical information gap: while the favela communities may be ignored by the government, a local organisation, Data Labe, is using the power of data journalism and narrative storytelling to re-write these, often forgotten, histories of the favelas, and the people who call them home. Through this, Data Labe is working to empower and uplift these communities, fighting for a new legacy of social agency and political representation.

@Internewsviews wrote a super cool article about @data_labe and our citizen-generated data project: Poopoozap (@cocozapmare). The report tells a little about the history of the project and the impact of our actions on the ‘Favela da Maré’ and its residents. It is a great opportunity for GIG partners to understand a little about the basic sanitation problems in Brazil’s favelas and how we have been working, through data generated voluntarily and community-based for political impact on the topic.

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