GIG @ re:publica ‘22 is finally happening in-person (after 2 years of not being able to) and we couldn’t be more excited! This year’s festival with the “Any way the wind blows” happens on 8-10 June, at Arena Berlin & Festsaal Kreuzberg

Yay for the Makerspace!

The Makerspace is happening at re:publica 2022 and as usual is bringing together some of the most brilliant makers and innovators from around the world. Curated by the GIG and with support from our membership in the Distributed Design Platform, we host full-on three days of Workshops, Meetups and Exhibitions, all happening in the Makerspace at the heart of re:publica.

Whether developing robots, learning how to replace plastic bags with biodegradable materials, making your own eco-prints on DIY bio leather, or recording crawling insects by adapting programming code, our workshops program will ensure you leave with some real Hands-on knowledge. Learn more about the Workshops program here.

At the comfort of the HomeBase, our Meetups will bring speakers and the audience closer in a more relaxed environment to talk about open science publications, Critical Making and decentral production at Makerspace.

Our Makerspace is surrounded by several exhibitions where we unbox Open Hardware devices that solve societal problems and can be replicated mainly because of their open documentation. All the way from Iraq we show artefacts designed and produced at Mosul Makerspace in an attempt to save some of the Iraqi heritage after the war.

As a member of Distributed Design Platform, this year re:publica focuses on the intersection of digitalisation of design and the maker movement and their ability to change the social and environmental realities of different communities globally. The makerspace is a three-day popup manifestation of this different possible reality. We look forward to meeting you there!

Special thanks to the amazing xHain, Network of open workshops Brandenburg and the machBar from Potsdam for building and supporting the makerspace.

After re:publica comes the GIG weekend!

This will be 2 days of picnics, workshops, podcasting, touring interesting places, and notably, the GIG General assembly.

Here’s an overview of the schedule 

Mon 06.06 – pre:republica warm up, Africa-Berlin Delegation / GIG members dinner 

Tue 07.06  – Berlin-Africa Network Day (Africa-Berlin Delegation / GIZ Delegation/ GIG members)

Wed 08.06 – re:publica day 1

Thu 09.06 – re:publica day 2

Fri 10.06 – re:publica day 3

Sat 11.06 – GIG Community Day (GIG members, open to friends)

Sun 12.06 – GIG members meetup; General Assembly and project (CoAct, Critical Making, and mAKe) workshops

Mon 13.06 – mAKe consortium day 1

Tue 14.06 – mAKe consortium day 2

(More details are provided in the information kits via email.Should you have a question or need clarification, please contact Fadia on [email protected])

We look forward to having you all there! 

These activities are made possible by our membership at


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