Citizen-led data journalism from Brazil’s favelas fills historical information gap

Citizen-led data journalism from Brazil’s favelas fills historical information gap: while the favela communities may be ignored by the government, a local organisation, Data Labe, is using the power of data journalism and narrative storytelling to re-write these, often forgotten, histories of the favelas, and the people who call them home. Through this, Data Labe […]

Olabi launches a project to empower and engage seniors through technology.

In May of this year, Olabi held the second edition of “Aprenda com uma avó”. The project was created in 2020 to be exclusively face-to-face, but its activities were adapted to a 100% digital environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a proposal for people over 60 to offer classes on varied knowledge to a wide […]

Careables: new video online!

Careables supports all the communities around the world that want to find, share, implement, and create open healthcare solutions that are impactful and inspiring on the local level. After two years of co-creations on health and care, we could find a way to portrait everything on a one minute video. Check it out! Find out […]

Careables 2020: Innovation, Collaboration and Free Technologies for People-Centered Health

On February 5, the Careables America Latina was launched in Olinda, Recife State, Brazil. The project is an international cooperation between the Brazilian organizations Casa Criatura, Centro Cultural Coco de Umbigada, Coletivo 3D, Grupo de Pesquisa TAPIOCA/UFRPE, Instituto Procomum and Secretaria de Saúde de Olinda and  IRD (France) and Global Innovation Gathering – GIG (Berlin). […]

Careables Olinda Opening Session

The Careables Latin America open event on February 5th 2020 in Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was a vibrant evening gathering. The event opened with CASA CRIATURA (@casacriatura) collective – the event and Lab.i Olinda host – presenting their strategies for the restoration of heritage buildings while reinvigorating and strengthening the city we love […]

LAB Procomum: Creating a citizen innovation Lab to promote the commons

LAB Procomum is a citizen innovation laboratory maintained by Instituto Procomum since 2017 in Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil. In partnership with Bela Baderna the Lab produced a short video capturing some of the core projects and stories. Find out what it’s like to build a citizen innovation laboratory dedicated to the promotion of commons, […]

Radio Amnesia: Support Indigenous Communication in Brazil

Amnesia is a network of free radios, web sites and itinerant radio experiences that believe in access to media production and content dissemination as a tool to achieve the fundamental rights of life in society, especially for indigenous and original communities. We aim to build a secure and private communication network for the thousands of […]

What’s Next: Outcomes from DOTS. The Impact Summit

At DOTS. The Impact Summit that took place in Nakuru, Kenya from December 5-7, we used the power of a gathering to co-create and kick off long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities. Here come some of the outcomes: Data Sensitivity (with Tactical Tech) Tactical Tech is an international NGO […]